lørdag 22. februar 2014


Ringsaker kommune

..tur langs Mjøsa..
..only one thing missing..
the sun


..no picnic today..


..en deilig tur - alene - langs Mjøsa i dag..
godt å la tankene fare

3 kommentarer:

  1. Härliga bilder från turen! Saknar också solen....Hoppas på fina dagar snart :)

  2. beautiful snow and ice.

    thank you for your comments and visits. i do wish you would remove word verification from your comment box, though.

    if you're not sure how to change it, go to your blog menu inside your blog on the right hand side. click settings, posts and comments, then select 'no' for show word verification. people like me will really appreciate it! thank you!

  3. sorry - the menu is located on the left side inside your blog dashboard.